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Dear clients I have missed you all more than you can imagine! I am thrilled to announce I will be resuming sessions on June 1st 2020. Things are certainly not back to business as usual, however I am committed to making the necessary adjustments to ensure the photo sessions are as safe as possible. We will be greatly extending the time in between sessions to allow enough time to properly sanitize and disinfect prior to every shoot. Both myself as well as my assistant, will be wearing a mask as well as a plastic shield at all times. This will be a team effort and I most certainly need your help, here is what you can expect, We ask that you wash your hands prior to departing for your session, upon arrival we will have you promptly wash your hands before the session commences. We ask that you do not arrive earlier than your scheduled session time, this will reduce potential exposure and ensure we have ample time in between clients to properly sanitize. We do ask that you leave your shoes right outside the door along with any non-essential items for your session. In an effort to avoid raising session rates, we will NOT be providing protective wear for clients. We do require that all clients arrive wearing a mask, and keep the mask on during the remainder of the session until it is time to have your photo taken. No hand shaking/Hugs. While I miss all my clients dearly, less is more when it comes to contact during the beginning stages of reopening. Please know that while this was a hard decision to make, we will not be including sibling shots during the newborn session until further notice. We will continue to allow the father to participate in the shoot however they will only be allowed inside while they are shooting. If family shots are a non-negotiable for you we encourage you to check out our milestone shoots on our website to possibly book for a later date. I would like to reiterate that providing the safest environment possible for your session is my top priority, having an immuno-compromised son myself, I will do everything in my power to mitigate any health risks. While this may seem self explanatory I ask that if you or anyone you have been in contact with has even the slightest indication they may be ill, please reschedule for a later date. We have the right to refuse service if anyone shows any signs of being ill or is unwilling to comply with our requirements listed above. We are cruising through uncharted waters and I appreciate your patience while we figure this out together.